Monday, February 4, 2013

Kauai: Paradise

Kauai was beyond my favorite of the Hawaiian islands. I was lucky enough to visit Kauai twice in 2012. The first time I went was with my sister and April. Yet another GIRL'S TRIP because we're awesome.

Let me preface it with the fact we tried our very best to be hippies in Kauai. We tried SO HARD. We even tried to get camping permits to camp out but apparently they sell out of permits months in advance!!! Not having reached the rule breaking hippie status (yet), we opted for a hotel room via priceline. But we did not settle on attire. We sported some pretty fancy homemade tie dye shirts... and looked adorbs.

After MANY complications trying to use flight vouchers we purchased via a radio promo and sily Go Mokolele! airlines, we finally all arrived in Kauai about 5 hours after schedule. After settling in at our hotel, we headed North. We saw Opaekaa Waterfalls, Wailua Falls, Wet Caves, Dry Caves, Kilauea Lighthouse, and some beaches on the North Shore. 

Our second day in Kauai landed us at 6am on a half day excursion on a zodiac tour of the Na Pali Coastline. What an experience. This lil boat fit about 12 people and zipped along the coast at record speeds, jetting it's way into sea caves and giving us the MOST BEAUTIFUL VIEWS IN MY LIFE!!! Holy shiz. WOW.

We even got to see where Mary J Blige shot a scene in her video "Everything"

Here's one of my pics from the same sea cave as seen in her video. It truly was breathtaking!!

The zodiac tour brought us to the "secret beach" but we couldn't get off the boat there. We then went to a beautiful lil spot where we broke for lunch, snorkeling, and exploring the gardens where the local people of Kauai will camp out while they preserve the land out there. It's so cool. Gotta love the hippies.

This excursion was just made our weekend! I would recommend it to anyone who visits Kauai! Just make sure you don't get sea sick and know you WILL get wet on the ride back. It's a BUMPY ride and not for the faint of heart. 

The second part of our day had us exploring the southern part of Kauai and also driving up to Waimea Canyon. WOW! Who would have thought there was a small Grand Canyon on such a petite island?! It came out of nowhere and was so freakin cool. 

DAY 3 in Kauai: HIKING

The Na Pali Coast 11 mile hike to the secret beach is what Kauai is known for. You MUST have a camping permit to go past mile 6.5, because odds are you cannot hike 22 miles up and down mountains in 1 day. SO 13 miles, 11 hours, 5 liters of water and 8 cliff bars later, we made it back. And WOW. This hike is truly paradise. The views are unlike anything I've even seen in movies. Pictures do not do it justice. It's simply breathtaking. We even met a hippie who lives out in the woods along the way. He was playing a flute he made. 

The hippie we met is up in there somewhere beside his tent... playing his flute.

Chandler & April climbing out onto that scary rock. 

The beach at mile marker 3

I haven't even touched on the cute little restaurants we ate at, coffee shops we got our morning brew or the fabulous pineapple drinks at Duke's ....


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